GSL Word Lists

Without grammar, you can say little.  Without vocabulary, you can say nothing.

The 720 words of Spoken English, the 2800 words of General English, the 1700 words of Business English, the 1200 words of TOEIC English, and the 960 words of Academic English.  All at your fingertips for learning or checking.

This page contains the current full version of TutorScreens together with the new beta Word List modules for you to try out.

Run TutorScreens, select Vocabulary and then GSL WordLists.

There are currently three six wordlists available: the 700 words of Spoken English, the 2800 words of General English, and the 1700 words of Business English.

The Spoken English list has rough translations in 7 languages (French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portugese, Swedish, and Dutch). The translations are beta and represent sometimes only one translation of the word.   The other lists currently only have translations in French.

The Spoken English list is specially useful for beginners since often the word has a study link into the full software and gives you context, explanation and grammar.

You can use the lists in 4 ways: Test, Learn, QuickCheck, and Roll’em.  In Test, Learn and QuickCheck you can Mark a word to hide it if you know it.

Test will give you a random word from the chosen group in the Source language and a Dash-Map of letters (l_tte_s, _et_ers) to help you remember it. You can fill in the missing letters if you want.

Learn will cycle through the unmarked words giving you both the Source and Target language.

QuickCheck will cycle through the unmarked words asking if you know it and want to mark it, or giving you the meaning if you do not.

Roll’em runs through the entire group for interest but cannot be stopped.

Run the software in the window below (videos on the Home page might help), choose your WordList,  choose your source and target languages, your group – and Happy Learning!  Any problems, contact me.